There’s something about Mohammed Ahmed Ahli’s incredible photography that makes you want to immediately book a trip to a remote location. His stunning landscape images leave one breathless and capture the essence and climate of a place so eloquently that you almost feel as if you are there.



Based in Dubai but clearly somebody who travels frequently, Mohammed’s pictures demonstrate the sheer beauty and power of nature in a wealth of outdoor locations all around the globe. His passion for the wilderness is evident in each capture, which skilfully conveys the unique atmosphere of every different location. Of his work, Mohammed says, “I seek the unknown and I look for the light within the shadows. I photograph nature because I listen to my inner self and want people to connect with different perspectives of these mysterious places. My photography evokes the wilderness and stories of darkness and lightness of life. I use slow shutter speeds to explore the modulation of time.”

OutdoorUAE caught up with one of Columbia’s patrons to discover how he developed his talent, and found out exactly what Columbia’s “Tested Tough” slogan means to him.

What is it that draws you to the outdoors? Is it something that you have always enjoyed?
My connection to the outdoors has been constant since my childhood. It gives me a feeling of freedom and joy. I also find that it has huge health benefits, as it improves my concentration and reduces my stress.

What is your favourite outdoor activity?
Without a doubt my favourite outdoor activity is hiking, as it is the most spiritual experience that takes my mind deeply into the creation of this world. It is the most beneficial activity for my body and soul.

How did you become such an amazing landscape photographer?
It requires dedication and hard work. I have put so much time into taking pictures, whether it was during vacations or in work time. My talent was enhanced by lots of practice and inspiring myself.

How does Columbia gear help to enhance your experiences?
Professional gear is necessary for outdoor activities; of course, you can’t wear a formal shoe and use it for hiking, it may risk your life if you slip or fall from a cliff while climbing. Columbia gear helps to achieve my goals in a comfortable way by having the correct shoes to enable me to summit mountains while hiking or climbing.

What are your Columbia essentials that you recommend to everyone?
The most important thing for me is footwear and waterproof and windproof jackets. These are a lifesaver!

Columbia’s slogan is ‘Tested Tough’. How do you think your photography shows that you are ‘Tested Tough’?
My ultimate goal has always been to find in extreme nature conditions, as I try to visit natural places that few people on earth have touched. “Tested Tough” is all about what I do in my adventures.

What is your most memorable photography expedition and why?
My trip to Iceland trip in winter was full of adventures and risk taking. Most importantly, I saw unique nature that I wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

Do you have any exciting expeditions planned?
Very exciting actually. My goal is to have an expedition in South America and Hawaii.

What is your favourite image of the outdoors that you have captured, and what is the story behind it?
The ice cave in Iceland. The cave was melting every other hour and it was flooding from the ice melt. The heavy ice glaciers were falling and breaking as well. The tour guide warned against going into the cave due to the warm weather and explained how the ice can break. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen, especially with the glowing of the cave. There was a sad fact in this photo, as I realised how everything in this world is limited and how even beautiful things can end one day.

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Words by: Rachael Bruford
Photos by: Jung Francisco